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Drug Detection Dogs

Due to the ever-increasing levels of drug taking the Police are sorely stretched to provide drugs dogs as a deterrent. Owners and managers of pubs and clubs and similar licensed premises where drugs could be taken now realise that local Licensing Boards wish them to take a pro-active stance in the fight against drug abuse. Drug detection dogs are able to search the premises outwith and during licensing hours, this goes some way to fulfilling the "Boards" requirements.


Dog in stadium 

Licensees realise that they can lose their licence if drug activity is being carried out on their premises. Sniffer Dog Specialist Operations can provide dogs to search for the presence of drugs on the premises and can also be used as a high profile deterrent by being present during licensing hours.

Drug detection dogs can also be used in schools, universities, retail parks and any business centre, building site, office or factory where the presence or use of drugs can be potentially damaging to the client.

Complete confidentiality is assured and searches can be carried out clandestinely if required by the client.

All Sniffer Dog Specialist Operations dogs are trained to the highest standards and regularly undergo continuation training and annual accreditation.